Joy Rides

09During the joy ride visitors can experience the joy of flying a passenger plane in a spectacular and entertaining way. With the help of our pilot they can get acquainted with the main equipments of the cockpit and the controlling instruments of the plane. Then from the airport of the chosen city they take off and can fly over the city and its neighbourhood being amazed by the view from high above. The flight ends with a landing manoeuvre on a neighbouring airport or to the one from which they started. Visitors can choose a time of day and a weather condition in which they want to fly the plane (in the daytime, at dawn, at night, and in foggy, rainy, windy or stormy weather.) During the flight our pilot helps to control the plane, but taking off, landing and manoeuvring in the air is the visitor’s task. We can provide a joy ride in any part of the world, but please inform us about your special needs in advance at your reservation, thus our pilot can prepare for your flight.


Here are some possible joy ride programmes of ours:



Budapest - Sightseeing Tour:
We take off from Airport Liszt Ferenc then we pass Ferenc Puskás Stadium and László Papp Sports Arena. Then we take a left turn and navigate the plane over the Danube, thus we can have a view of the well-known sights of Budapest: Margaret Island, the Parliament, the bridges of the Danube, Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion, the Buda Castle and the Gellért Hill with Citadell. We fly on to west then with a left turn we are over the line of the runway. We approach the airport slowly, and finally we complete the landing.



Vienna - Bratislava Sightseeing Tour:
We take off from Schwechat Airport, the airport of Vienna, and fly over the city. In the meantime we can have a nice view of the sights of Vienna: the Schönbrunn Castle, Stephansdom, the Royal Castle, the Museum of Arts and Natural History, the Ring, Town Hall, the Parliament, the Prater and the Danube. Then we rise a bit and when we approach Bratislava we dip again. We approach the city center from above the Danube where we can see the Castle, the Parliament, the Coronation Church, the tower of St. Michael Gate and the bridges of Danube. Then we take a sharp bend to the right and approach the Bratislava Airport and finally complete the landing.


09Roundtour over Innsbruck:
One of Europe’s best located airports is the one in Innsbruck surrounded by high mountains. We take off from the runway at the edge of the city and we arrive here as well. After taking off we have to make a quite steep rise not to bump into the mountains being in front of us. Above the mountains the snowcapped peaks of the Alps and the narrow valleys between them give a spectacular view. To fly next to the cliffs is a real challenge and a great experience. We have to be very careful to be able to get back to the landing route, because finding the runway and completing the landing is even more difficult than taking off.



New York Sightseeing Tour:
We take off from John F. Kennedy Airport and after a bit of rising we can catch sight of the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Before reaching the tall buildings we turn to the north and we pass Central Park. After this with a 180-degree left turn we fly over the River Hudson and we travel on the other side of the Manhattan Penninsula at a low altitude. Leaving the penninsula we can see the Statue of Liberty on the right side. In the distance the 1300 meter long suspension bridge, which joins the two banks (Staten Island and Brooklyn) of the sea bay, can be seen. The braver visitors can fly even under the bridge. After this with a left turn we approach the runway of Kennedy Airport.


We can take a roud tour – similar to the above mentioned ones – in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Venice, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokio, Sydney or on one of the islands of the Netherlands Antilles.



Flying given routes:  

09This type of flying is a complete flight between two optional airports chosen by the visitor. There are 24.000 airports from all over the world offered by the simulator. We suggest you to give your choice at the time of your reservation. During this type of a flight visitors can get acquainted with the exciting everyday life of a pilot and with managing all the tasks of a flight as an active member of the crew. We do every single task of a flight, the preparation of the flight, filling in the documents, taking off, flying all the way to the destination, informing the passengers, approaching the airport, landing and stopping. During the flight visitors can get acquainted with the features of air traffic and the actual changes of the weather. We can also welcome those who arrive with a flying plan of their own.


We can offer you some previously prepared routes which can be done within the given time:


30 minutes

We take off from Debrecen Airport, from the right runway 05, then we rise to 12000-feet altitude and with a left turn we get to the route towards Budapest Airport. Below us we can see the Great Plain. When we fly over the River Tisza we start sinking and after a right turn we reach the axel of the right runway 31, and we land. Then we roll to our space and the passengers start getting out of the plane.

Sármellék- Budapest
We roll to the runway 16 at sármellék Airport and start our flight from here. After taking off we rise to the altitude of 13000 feet and with a left turn we get to the route leading to Budapest. From high above we can have a look at Lake Balaton and the Tihany Penninsula. Then when we reach Lake Velencei we start our sinking. Finally with a left turn we reach the axel of the right runway 31 and we land on it. Then we roll to our parking space and the passengers start their getting out.

60 minutes

We start our flight with rolling to the left runway 31 of Budapest Airport, then we take off and rise till we reach 16000 feet cruising altitude. We travel towards Vienna Airport following the route on our on-board computer. As soon as we reach, Győr we start sinking and we land on runway 34 at Schwechat Airport. After this we roll to our parking space where the passengers start getting out of the plane.

Taking off from runway 29 of Vienna Airport we rise to the altitude of 20000 feet then with a slight right turn we get to the route leading to Innsbruck. Going west we can see the ranges of the Alps. Soon we start our sinking to the airport. As the Airport of Innsbruck lies between mountains we can only land there with a special approach. To do so we get help of the official maps. Turning to the final straight part of the runway we land on runway 08 and then roll to our parking space.

We take off from Innsbruck towards west from runway 26. Because of the closeness of the mountains and relief conditions we start a fast rising to get into safe height in between the ranges of the Alps as soon as possible. Continuing our flight towards west, after a while, we begin landing in Munich where after a short navigation we land on the right runway 26 and then roll to our space.


We start from Heathrow Airport, London where we roll to the right runway 09 then after a short run we rise in the air. After taking off we turn towards the control tower of Dover and rise to the cruising altitude of 24000 feet. After crossing The Channel we start our sinking towards Charles de Gaulle Airport. In the meantime we can have a nice view of the city with Eiffel Tower and other sights. Finally we land ont he right runway 08, and roll to our parking space.

We start our route from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris where we roll to the right runway 26 and take off. We rise to the altitude 22000 feet then we turn to north. After Brussels we start our sinking. During sinking we pass Eindhoven and Rotterdam – the latter one is famous for its freighter port. As we approach the city we can slowly figure out the tiny canals then finally we land on runway 06 at Schiphol Airport. Then we roll to the given space.

Boston-New York
Boston is one of the oldest cities on the east coast of the United States. We start our flight at Boston Logan International Airport. We take off from the right runway 22 then we take a slight left turn and rise to the altitude 22000 feet. We travel towards New York following the coastline. After a while we catch sight of the panorama of Long Island and the skyscrapers of the city in the background. We start our sinking and after a couple of turns we reach the left runway 22 of Kennedy International Airport. After landing we roll to the space we get there.

New York –Washington D.C.
We start from one of the busiest airports of the world. After a short rolling we reach the right runway 22 of Kennedy Airport where we take off from. Then we rise to 24000 feet cruising altitude and with a right turn we get to the route towards Washington DC. Approaching our destination we start sinking and following the instruction coming from the control tower we turn towards the River Potomac. Following the river we approach the airport taking care of not violating the stricktly protected air space of the White House and the Pentagon. Flying over the bridges of the river finally we can see Ronald Reagen Airport where we land on runway 19. After landing we roll to the space given to us.