About Futura

futura logoThe FUTURA Interactive Science Center is a new tourist attraction of the region of Mosonmagyaróvár, Szigetköz and the West-Transdanubia. It was established in a 300-year old granary, which was renovated and enlarged into a 3600-square-meter building. It is a four-storey building. The exhibition makes the visitors aquainted with the rules of physics and the laws of nature through the interactive introduction of the four elements (Water, Earth, Air and Fire). Among the 50 different toys there is e.g.:a remote controlled ship’s sluice, a wave-,and cunami generator, an earthquake simulator, a fakirbed, an antcastle, a Tesla transformer, a whispering mirror, a huge organ and a portable planetarium. In the 100-seat auditorium, which was named after Károly Simonyi, the worldfamous scientist of physics and the theory of electricity, science shows make the programme more colorful. These shows in different fields are led by experts. The auditorium is also suitable for conferences. In front of the building there is a simbol-like spatial structure, a tensegrity, which indicates the new function and renewal of the building. The primitive bar-structured tower is made of bars and cables, none of the bars touch one another, so it is almost floating in the air.