Boeing 737 NG

0909Boeing 737 is the most famous medium ranged, narrow fuselaged passenger plane of the world. With its 6160 orders it is the most ordered and produced passenger plane of all times. For the perfection of the passenger plane family Boeing introduced the B737 model on 19th February 1965. This model was a two-gasturbine, short ranged jet. It was put to service at the United Airlines in 1968. After this the designing and constuction of the three so-called „old generation” types – the B737-300, the B737-400, and the B737-500 models – was started. Then in 1993 Boeing started to manufacture the so-called „B737 Next Generation” family, in which they equipped the cockpits with high-tech systems and huge LCD monitors replacing the old analogue devices. The models of the Next Generation family are the 737-600, 737-700, 737-800 and the 737-900.0909From the already produced, more than five thousand aeroplanes nearly four thousand are used nowadays by 541 companies. According to the plane factory there are 1250 model 737 aeroplanes in the air every minute and within five minutes at least 65 take off or land at different points of the world. The Models 737 of the 541 companies fly according to time table in 1200 cities in 190 countries. Since 1968, when the model was released, 12 billion people have travelled with it, twice more than the today population of our planet. The airlines of the world have flown more than 120 billion kilometers with the 737, and the number of the hours spent in air with it approaches the 300 million.



09Boeing 737-800

Number of seats: 168-189
Speed of travelling: 700-850 km/h
Speed of taking off. 290 km/h
Speed of landing: 260 km/h
Height of flying: 12500 m (41000 ft)
Length: 39,5 m
Height: 12,5 m
Wingspan: 34,4 m
Maximum range: 5420 km
Fuel capacity: 21320 kg
Fuel used per hour: 2526 kg/h
Engines: CFM 56-7B24
Thrust power: 2x 121 kN (2 x 26400 lbs)



Interesting things:
- In a Boeing 737 about 65 km long wire is laid in
- To paint a Boeing 737 230 liter paint is needed
- A Boeing 737 is made up from about 357000 mountings, which are held together by 600000 bolts
- Since its introduction the 737 has made 650 billion dollars to the airline companies