The prices refer to the time not the person. The simulator can only be used after the confirmation of a previous registration, or in the unreserved time on the spot. The simulator can be visited without the  admission ticket to the Futura as well. Surprise your family or friends with a flight. Buy a ticket as a present. The simulator can be used by 1-5 people at the same time, a pilot and four passengers.The prices include tax.



30 minutes 6.000 Ft

60 minutes 10.000 Ft

90 minutes 14.000 Ft

120 minutes 18.000 Ff

after 120 minutes every 30 minutes plus 3.500 Ft


Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) and Public Holidays

30 minutes 7.000 Ft

60 minutes 12.000 Ft

90 minutes 17.000 Ft

120 minutes 22.000 Ft

after 120 minutes every 30 minutes plus 4.000 Ft


Camera ticket in the simulator (5 minutes) 1.000 Ft 


Allowance (15% off) can be claimed with a Mosonmagyaróvár citizenship card or a Szigetköz Card. 

szigetköz kártya