About us


Movinnov Ltd is operating a Boeing 737 NG simulator on the second floor of Futura Interactive Science Center. Present yourself, or your family members, your friends with the opportunity of flying one of the most popular passenger planes of the world. To do so, visit Futura.

You can experience the enjoyment of flying with the help of our pilot, who shows you the main operating panel, helps you with controlling the flight, but controlling the plane, taking off and landing are all the visitor’s duties. We can provide you with a taking off and a landing at any part of the world, but we can also recommend you popular airports and routes. You can choose from a joy ride or a fixed route. To use the simulator you do not need any special training. 



 In the simulator beside the pilot’s seats there are four seats for passengers, thus for the given fee five of you can enjoy the flight at the same time or fly the plane by turns. The prices refer to the time not the person.

Welcome to the second floor of Futura, Mosonmagyaróvár.


You can really be a pilot of a Boeing 737 here!